I have FINALLY finished my diving courses! :)

Yes, it’s true. I’m now and Advanced Open Water diver. 🙂

My course included one Dive from HELL! Literally! We couldn’t see the hand in front of our face! What ended up happening is that Mike – one instructor, held on to the tanks of Ross and Sara, Jurgen – an instructor-in-training held on to my and Andrew’s tanks, and Alex – our primary instructor – tried to figure out how to get us to the surface near the boat, since besides having 1.5 metre visibility, we had a ripping tide… It was really scary, but we all managed to get to the boat safely in the end. 🙂 I will probably look at very few conditions as really bad as of this dive, but it was REALLY scary!

And then there was the Night dive… The 4 of us went with Mike on the dive, and all was fine for the first 20 minutes or so.. Then, somewhow, all 4 of us looked at a fish, and when we turned back, Mike was gone.. We immediately huddled together, holding hands, looking at each other asking with our eyes – “Where’s Mike?!” After a little, with us frantically waving our flashlights in every direction, Mike noticed we were not with him and doubled back to pick us up. Other than that momentary terror, it was a really good dive. And hillariously funny after! 🙂

Other that the diving, we didn’t go jetskiing today, since there wasn’t enough water in teh bay, and tomorrow we’re leaving for Chumphon and Phuket. I hope there’s better interent in Phuket! 🙂

Things are really good here. Good food on the island, everywhere we go, good company, very laid back. But we need a change of scenery.

Love you all! 🙂

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  1. meira:

    הי קרן!
    כל הכבוד על שעשית קורס צלילה והצלחת בו. אני כמו שכבר אמרתי מפחדת. תמשיכו להנות כל עוד יש לכם זמן אצלנו הכל בסדר ערן בבית והם חזרו לבסיס האם שלהם סגרו את עזה.
    אוהבים אותכם דודי ומאירה

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