Blissful Days

Hi everyone!

We got to Phuket last night, and decided to pamper ourselves a little. So we’re staying at the Sheraton’s Crown Plaza! 😉
So we have electricity all the time (yes!) and – bless me – hot water! 🙂 The really good bed, pillows and actual bathtub are just an added bonus! 😉

Still in the mood for pampering, today we woke up a little later than planned (Oded’s fault, of course!) and had a wonderful breakfast – Waffles, French Toast, Fried Noodles With Shrimp, fried veggies & pasta, Eggs (and bacon), cereal, fruit, and pastries. I ate almost all of it! 😉 (Okay, maybe only about half!)

After breakfast, we tried to find a place to dive, since that was the original plan. Alas, as this is the low season and we are pressed for time – so we can’t take the full day for diving – it is not to be. So I decided to go and pamper my hair with a professional washing. Purr! 😉 I feel really good with myself now! 🙂

Now, while walking around, we found the most incredible store – Baskin Robbins! Yes, Baskin Robbins, the ice cream of my youth! And of course, in a long family tradition, I ate Jamoca Almond Fudge, our family flavour! I’m so happy! 🙂 It was really nostalgic. Though it’s a little scary how Thailand has *everything* from back home! 🙂

After this, it’s back to the hotel to shmooze.. A nice hot bath, some TV – Their AXN *and* their Cartoon Network are WAY better than ours.. Hehe..

After a little resting, we went out – nominally to pick up our laundry, but.. We decided we’re hungry and happend to fall on the best seafood restaurant in Thailand! Really! It was absolute heaven. 🙂 Though you have to get over pointing at your food.. The lobsters (which we decided not to eat today..) are still alive.. And they cost around 360 NIS per lobster, because of the weight.. Oded ate a Red Snapper – which was delicious, and I ate all 3 types of shells – Oysters, the really big ones with the pearls, Mussels, and Clams – they look like sea shells connected together. The oysters were really interesting – we ate them fresh (no cooking) but the clams and mussels were divine. 🙂 Yum yum yummy!

Another nice thing in the restaurant is that it’s covered in posters about stuff – Marine Life, fruits and vegetables, coins, bills, flags, etc. We learned alot, and of course I’ve forgotten it in the last hour of walking! Oops! The restaurant, by the way, is called “Kwong Shop Seafood” and it’s the best seafood in Thailand! Really!

We walked around a bit, and I now own a nice dragon T-shirt (Oded owns 1 and a nice shirt) and 2 beautiful skirts, which I hope I will be able to wear often! 🙂

Tomorrow we’re shmoozing a little, then getting a massage (yay! 🙂 Finally! 🙂 ) and finding our night bus to Bangkok – no train in Phuket. After that, it’s a day of shopping in Bangkok and back to Israel..

It’s been a really good trip. 🙂

As for Koh Tao, the restaurants there are incredible, including the excellent hamburger joint in Sairee (called “No Problem”) that’s open til about 3 in the morning – where everything else closes around 10-11, and the Safari (and Cafe Del Sol which is owned by the same guy) that has the best steaks in the universe! The diving is nice, though it’s done in a cheap manner (and it’s felt, from what I understood). There are some other things to do on the island, some of them that I am unfortunate to have missed. All in all, though, don’t stay there more than a week.

I think that’s it for now.. 🙂

Hugs, all!

(PS – There are new pictures in the Gallery – from page 14 )

3 Responses to “Blissful Days”

  1. Karen:

    As you can see, the internet here is cheaper than in Tao, but mostly, it has A/C and a good screen and keyboard. LOL! 🙂

  2. Ron:

    Hi you two…

    It looks like you are geeting close to “all good things must come to an end”….

    All I need to know is at what time do I need to pick you up from the airport on friday….
    Let me know also the flight details.

    Missing you a lot,

  3. Guss:

    I don’t have the flight schedule in front of me at the time, but the flight is LY0082 from BKK to TLV and if I recall correctly it is scheduled to land at about 7:30 (in the morning). According to the IAA site, we’re getting a 747-400 – yay for us 🙂

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