Project House Cleaning, stage 2 complete

I took advantage of the fact that Karen went to Canada to visit the family, (and got premission to) try to clean up our incredibly messy appartment. This is a progress report (with photos 🙂 – see how our appartment looks right now):

On Friday I took over the kitchen, moved everything out and cleaned up all the surfaces. I’ve been also straightening up some minor stuff on saturday – picking up books and putting stuff where it belongs (or where I can safely ignore it until much later). But the big task was still ahead – the living room…

Today, after I got back from work and made myself dinner, I started on the biggest project – picking everything out of the living room – including gadgets and doodas, Karen’s study papers, computers, furniture and all kinds of trash – organizing it out of the way and preparing the leaving room to be washed. 5 hours later, I’m done with it for now – check it out:

See ? nothing left but major furniture (that I don’t have anywhere to dump – I’ll hae to clean around it).

The dirt on the floor can still be seen, I think 🙁 I’ll wash the living room tomorrow after work. I’ll have to do it fast because I’m supposed to entertain people at home later in the evening.

Now, where did all the stuff gone to ? Some of it is in here –

Stuff stored in the kitchen

While all the rest is in here –

Stuff stored in 2nd room

Anyway, I did finish all that at 3am, so its time for me to hit the shower and go to bed. Good night.

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  1. Elad:

    You asked for it – so here it is, published:

    1. I find it exteremely amuzing that the “regular” maintenance of your appartment – washing the floor, for example, is something that deserves a series of posts in your blog, including pictures.
    2. All the more that it requires your feminine partner to be continents away in order to happen.

    – Elad

  2. Eran:

    Welcome to the Male Population!

    For me, I try to keep my apartment in order but I clean it only when the dust start developing intelligence and declaring independence. I usually get it out before it annexes the space behind my TV.

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