Rearranging stuff

Finishing to wash the apartment, I proceeded to place the furniture and other stuff back into the living room, only I tried to think of a better way to rearrange the stuff we have.

The current setup, for which I have to thank Elad for his ideas, IMO feels better, although it might be a bit cluttered and I still didn’t put in 3 more items that are still waiting in the kitchen.

Anyway, here it is – living room looking west:

Living room - view west

The main feature is the entertainment center moving more to the west and taking position under the large window. The TV sits ontop of the cabinet, higher then the entertainment stand can allow, which as I want it to still contain the DVD, DVB box and PS2 – was moved ontop of the cabinet as well. I think it should move to the right of the TV – its better for the short cables, will make sure the TV is more centered in front of the big sofa and will be less of an eye sore.

I’ve put Karen’s study desk on east side – currently over the (non-working) air-condition. I’m not happy with this arrangement (so please, Karen – wait with the lynching 😉 ), but I currently don’t have a better idea – and I’ve added the Halogen light for better reading conditions:

Living room - view east

Lastly, as you can see above, the dinner table moved into the main room, and in its place near the library I placed the small table and the old two seat sofa so you have kind of a “reading corner”:


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  1. Oren:

    אתה צריך להיות כתב ב”בבית וגן” …
    עכשיו כשהדירה מסודרת אין תירוצים –> אנחנו יכולים לבקר

  2. אמא:

    יפה שניקת את הבית הסלון נראה עכשיו הרבה יותר טוב וגם השולחן של קרן נראה ל ממוקם טוב יותר בתקווה שקרן תחשוב ככה גם.
    כל הכבוד כשרוצים אפשר הכל.
    מה עם מכונת כביסה קנית כבר?
    לגבי התגובה בבלוג של אלעד הוא זיהה מיד שזאת אני לא ברור לי למה לא ניחשת.
    אצל אלעד אין אפשרות לשנות את שם המגיב כמו אצלך ואצל ערן אז זה מה שקורה.

  3. Eran:

    Looks great but I think the small sofa’s cushions need a clean up too.

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