Thailand – Day one

Hi everyone!
Never fly with El Al… They suck! 🙁
The flight was delayed – as usual.. There was no legroom to speak of.. As usual.. (they really push the rows to close together..) The flight was full of Israelis.. As usual.. At least one of the flight attendants was cute 😉

We landed! In Thailand! 🙂 Yay! 🙂 Then we spent an hour waiting in line for immigration.. Though they took a photo of each of us at the immigration when we finally got there.. That was pretty funky..

There was also this trio of Israelis walking around doing a poll of whether or not one of them should get a haircut. That was funny.. Totally Israeli, but funny.. 🙂

Bangkok is smelly! Really smelly.. Big, smelly, and it has the feel of a flea market. Everywhere you go.. Flea market.. Ugh! Though apparently once you get over the culture shock it’s a pretty cool place..

I hope I get over the culture shock soon..

On a completely different note, they have 7-11 stores here! I had a slurpie! I haven’t had one of those in *years*! Happy me! 🙂
They also have really nifty flavours for their chips – Nori seaweed, grilled lobster, salmon teriyaki, prawn crackers.. The seaweed flavoured chips are really nice – They actually taste like seaweed! lol! 🙂

Since we managed to mix up what people told us and got a little lost, tonight we’re spending the night in an actual hotel, with airconditioning and showers and everything! But I suppose we’ll stop doing that tomorrow when we know where we’re going.. 😉

That’s about it for now.. I’ll keep you all posted!
All my love…

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  1. Sabre Runner:

    Everyone knows El Al suck. I would have let you have the article on preferred airline travel if only you would’ve asked.

    Have fun, and don’t forget to get me a cool T-shirt! 🙂

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