Last Night In ChiangMai

Well, we managed to do absolutely nothing in style after the trek.. We ate breakfast, then I went back to sleep and Oded went to the Internet.. So I joined him after I woke up.. And we stayed there for about 4 more hours…

Which basically means that we didn’t manage to do anything of what we planned.. Though we actually did try to go and talk to the Monks – they have an informal chat with foreigners so they can brush up their English and we can learn about Buddha – but it is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was Sunday, of course!

We did discover a nice Sunday Market, which we wandered around in quite happily..

All in all, doing nothing in style.

We’re leaving tomorrow for the islands. I hope we will be able to post along the way, but no promises.. At worst, we’ll post again on Thursday.

Hugs all!

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