Going South

Hi Everyone! Sorry there was no post last night, but we didn’t find any internet!

We rented a hugs (at least for me) 4×4. It’s very strange to drive in such a car. It reminds me a little of the Isuzu Trooper my dad used to have, though that was much better! 🙂

At any rate, yesterday, since we started late and visited a temple overlooking Chiang Mai (and getting lost along the way!) we managed to drive only about 2 hours south, ending up in Lampang. There’s nothing there. Really! Don’t go there! It’s nice enough, but no one, incluing the receptionists on the phone of the guest houses, speak english. We ended up staying in what’s considered to be a top-of-the-line hotel, but the only thing top of the line was the wonderful water pressure in the shower! 🙂 And of course the worst thing possible – no internet!

Oh, well. It wasn’t as bad as I make it sound.

We had a nice long drive today, that included what could have been a great ostrich steak – which Oded enjoyed immensely, as it was terribly spicy and I couldn’t eat it 🙁 , and Monkey Island! Err.. Not quite Monkey Island, but a nice park with 2beautiful hills and a great many trees and some adorable monkeys that are not afraid of people or their cars, but are very afraid of cameras.. We ony managed to get 1 picture.

Now we’re in the city of Ayatthuya, which is the former capital of Siam. Not very exciting yet, though there is a great guest house (for young people) called Tony’s Place, with a built-in bar and pool table! 🙂 Of course, it was full, so they sent us 3 houses down the road to a really nice (and quiet) place they recommend. (I don’t remember the name..) We set off n search of internet. They have some! Only the computers are kind of slow so it took us quite a while to get a computer that will run Skype – so we can talk to our parents. (Hugs parents!)

It looks like a nice enough place to spend a day, and it’s about 2 hours north of Bangkok, which is great. We might look around tomorrow a bit and only then continue to the islands (which of course, we have to decide tonight which island is our starting point!)

A few interesting tidbits from our travels..

There are spirit houses everywhere. (A spirit house is a little house where spirits can dwell without bothering the living people). They are beautiful, and the more elaborate the building, the more elaborate the spirit house.
There are Wats (temples) everywhere, and they are always colourful and shiny, which is also fun to see along the road.

My biggest problem these days is by the time I manage to get to the internet, I don’t remember what I wanted to tell everyone about! Ah, well..

Hugs, all!

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