The end of our drive

Hi guys!

We woke up today in the morning (sort of) and looked around the ruins of the ancient capital. They are nice, but it was really too hot to enjoy it. The most interesting thing we saw was a strange yellow-headed bird. Pictures will be up as soon as we find decent internet again..

After the ruins, we drove south – alot – thinking that we will go to Phuket and I’ll dive there. About halfway down, we changed our minds and decided we’ll go to Samui. We stopped in Chumphon which is along the way, and thought maybe we’ll eat something and do some night driving, but as we sat in the very nice guesthouse/turist information / internet cafe / restaurant / bar (yes, it’s 1 stop shopping!) called Fame, we decided to skip Samui for now and go straight to Kho Tao to do my diving course and maybe after to Samui. We got a nice deal on a diving resort there via a friend of the manager, who by the way has the best homemade pizza I’ve ever had (sorry Amnon!).

So in about an hour we’re taking the night ferry to Tao, where someone will be waiting for us (at 6AM) with a sign and a complimentary drive to the resort. 🙂

Love you all!

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