Diving Course – Day 1

The course started off nicely. They gave me a big book that the instructer told me isn’t worth reading other than chapter 4. 😉 We went over some of the basics, with many funny stories to make it fun (which it was) and many hand gestures, which are funny! 🙂

With me are Robyn and Olle – from Sweden – and Andrew, from Australia. They are all very nice (and rather nice to look at.. 😉 ) Our instructer, interestingly enough, is also from Sweden..

This afternoon we had our confined dives – in a pool. It was very strange, a little hard and hysterically funny. Especially since I didn’t have enough weights and every time I had to move I ended up all over the pool trying to get my balance.

After the dives Oded and I (after cruising around town for a little) tried the BBQ that our resort offers. Incredible. Absolutely wonderful food. We tried a Baracuda (it was a fillet and came out so-so) and a White Snapper – divine. It was probably the best fish I’ve ever eaten.. 🙂
Also really great is that there was actually food that I *could* eat. Everything here is way too spicy – including things like porridge and hash browns. Ugh! Spicy porridge!!!! Here at least they ask what we want on our fish, so I didn’t put any spicy and had a wonderful dinner! 🙂

Tomorrow is my first ocean dive.. I’m very excited.. 🙂

Have fun, everyone!

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  1. אמא:

    הי קרן !
    יופי לך שאת נהנית מקורס הצלילה אני די מפחדת מהסיפור הזה ומסתפקת בשנורקל ובמקומות שרואים את יפי הים בלי לצלול לעומק.
    מה קרה לילד שלי שכבר כמה ימים לא מראה סימני חיים ההינו שמחים לשמוע גם ממנו במיוחד שדודי לא קורא אנגלית וצריך לתרגם לו את מה שאת כותבת.
    אצלנו אין חדשות רק שלפני שבוע אולי יותר הגיע לעודד צו מילואים ל30/10 עד 2/11 לאימון טקטי בצאלים שיגיד לי מה לעשות והאם לשלוח את האישור שהצו הגיע? מחכה לתשובה ותהני מהקורס.

  2. Amir:


    Please check your e-mail ASAP for a very important message.


  3. Ron:

    Hi Karen and Oded,

    First, Thank you for the birthday wishes and your phone call. I was very happy to talk to you.

    2nd, Karen, how is the diving going? I am sure that once you pass the initial training and do an actual dive it will be really something!

    I remember few years ago when we went snorkling together in the Dolphins farm in Eilat with Amir and Ronit…

    3rd, we have got some wonderful knews from Amir and Ronit early this morning. He asked that you should call him (Take the time difference into account).

    Missing you both,

  4. Karen:

    I’m going to be an auntie!! 🙂
    I’m so excited! 🙂

    Thanks, guys! 🙂

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