So what’s new with Window Vista ?

Apparently, nothing. Checkout the videos in‘s hilarious Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista.

What they did, is to take the voice over from the Microsoft keynote in CES Las-Vegas presenting new features in Windows Vista (currently schedule to be released 2007Q2, I believe ? If it isn’t pushed back further by then), but they replaced the video with someone showing the same features on Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger – which was on the market on April last year).

As someone on that blog’s comments area noted – Tiger is not the operating system that is set to compete against Vista – Leopard is, and just about to be released (in late betas currently). Initialy scheduled later then Windows Vista it will be on the scene possibly a full year before the Microsoft new client, and again packed with features that Windows users would have to wait another year to get.

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