I hate it when they do that.

This is something which is funny and sad at the same time. Its not the first time I encountered this issue, which is that people who evangelize Linux (or basically any other product) don’t use it themselves. If you are going to be an evangelist, have the decency to practice what you preach.

I have some local (Israeli) examples, but they’ll remain anonymous – I’ll just mention the web master of the main Israeli evangelism web-site for a major Linux distribution that e-mails people about Linux from his Microsoft Outlook, or the organizer of an important Israeli Linux user group (currently defunct) that is also using Microsoft Windows as his main desktop.

I am on the other hand much less reluctant to share with you the sordid details of a higher profile transgression. The following is a screen shot of a PDF document from the Linux Standards Base specification, and a dialog showing some of the properties of that file:

Linux Standards Base specification document

As current Linux applications (this document is dated to April of this year) are already up to par with MS-Windows based documentation tools (and in my opinion, at least the PDF viewers available on the Linux desktop are orders of magnitude better then the software available for that purpose on MS-Windows) there’s really no point in running windows, especially when you are in a Linux standards group.

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