Those crazy GNOMEs

Are coming up with a cookbook. No – not a software cooking utility, or a recipe application or anything that runs on a computer but an actual cookbook with recipes for food in it.

The GNOME Cookbook will be published as a print on demand book, and although the license of the included recipes is still unclear, the stated goal of the project is to embody the spirit of the GNOME project, which to me means – open source code recipes.

Anyway, a couple of the recipes already planned for the book have caught my eye, and I’m planning on trying them out as soon as possible, for example, the Strawberries Tiramisù by Marco Barisione (its ok, it doesn’t actually include coffee – which sounds weird to me, but I’ll give it a shot 🙂 ).

2 Responses to “Those crazy GNOMEs”

  1. Oren:

    Is it Kosher open source?

  2. Guss:

    I think cooking books always fall into the open source category – you get the code and you’re allowed to modify it. Whether its free (as in free to be redistributed modified or otherwise ) ? This cookbook is.

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