Speaking of Chinese

As long as we are on the subject of poor English, I happen to find a Chinese manufactured webcam, with the accompanied manual, and couldn’t help myself but to share with my readers some of its pearls of wisdom:

Chinese webcam

From the introduction:

This manual will help you to install and use this product successfully and endless happiness brought by digital image.

Yearning is not as good as meeting .You will find soon that Digital PC Camera C01 is your correct and intelligent choice!

From the product specifications:

Ingeniously-designed body is convenient for adjusting up and down and shifting horizontally.

A wide-angle ions is installed in the front of the camera body. You may adjust the focal distance from 1mm up to endless farness to obtain the clearest image.

Exquisite base makes the gravity center of the camera body more a table .Anti-alipping design of the button.

(the emphasis is mine, the typos are theirs)

2 Responses to “Speaking of Chinese”

  1. Oren:

    Believe me, I know people whose English is as bad as the Chinese guys.
    and they produce documents in English.

  2. Guss:

    Well, I’ve read plenty of Engrish documents by native Chinese speakers, so it would be hard for me to believe that native Hebrew speakers can do worse.

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