Firefox 3 download day is upon us at last!

All hands – man those browser download buttons!

Anyway, please head over to Mozilla to download Firefox 3 which was released a scant two hours ago. Also try to refresh the main page a couple of times – its fun 🙂 .

Here should also go a link to Spread Firefox’s world record page, but they seem to have crashed in the ongoing commotion. To cut a long story short, Mozilla are trying to break the world record for the most downloads in 24 hours of a single application (monitored and supervised by Guniess World Records). I did my share, what about you ?


Firefox 3 download day concluded with well over 8 million downloads. The exact figure is still not released as the Guiness World of Records people have to sign on it.

Looking at the local scale – downloads just in the middle east, Israel had tens of thousands of downloads, in the middle east only Iran and Turkey has more downloads. Interestingly enough, Iran has more then twice the amount of downloads as Russia, weird.

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