Been a while since I photo-blogged last, and this weekend I got some interesting pictures, and here they are in no particular order:

Somebody thought it would be a good idea to drive a house on the highway 🙂 the main problem was that with the truck under the house, it was too high and it took with it some tree branches that were hanging over the road – one can be seen on the roof in the picture.

Tel-Aviv’s city council uses two alternate “translations” to the Hebrew word for “street” – on this single street name post you can see both the standard short-hand for “some st.” and the Hebrew transliteration of “rehov something”.

Rehov or Street

Driving in Tel-Aviv at night you can see all kinds of weird stuff, for example this car was parked outside a gas station. Its hard to see in the bad light (and lousy camera phone picture) but it looks to be in a working condition and apparently somebody drove it there.

The kind of junk you find on Tel-Aviv's streets (#2)

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