Woes of moving to a more secure world

If you haven’t noticed, my blog is now secure from the NSA peeking at your comments by the magic of TLS and Lets Encrypt !

But doing this, I forgot to update WordPress’s notion of what URL this blog lives on, and as a result comments posting didn’t actually work.

Sorry about that, and now it should work fine,

2 Responses to “Woes of moving to a more secure world”

  1. Elad:

    Yes, but by nature our comments are public, are they not?
    So what’s the point?

  2. Oded:

    A. you don’t *have* to comment.
    B. You can comment with just a first name (Hi, Elad!) or a pseudonym.
    C. Even if you publish your ID card number on my site, isn’t still worth it to get the snoopers to put in some effort to spy on you? Instead of – as the current law is in Israel, United Kingdom and more or less in the US as well – they can just ring your ISP and say “give me all of Elad’s network traffic for the last year”?

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