It’s Raining It’s Pouring..

Yes, this is the exact song to describe what fell from the sky tonight. An hour of pouring sheets of rain, which we happily walked through.. So now I’m soaked from head to toe! 🙂

I didn’t feel very well today, so we postponed the trek to tomorrow. We did manage to go to what is reputed to be the best pasta restaurant in Chiang Mai (I think – I will comment if this is a mistake), which I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would.. (The parmesan was rancid and the food didn’t agree with my stomach.. Ugh!)

We also managed to stop by the night market, where we got poured on.. Which was fun! We also managed to get me a decent backpack, some pants for Oded and some watches for my parents! 🙂 It was also a lot of fun to see the extremely fake silk and designer clothes, shoes and bags they were selling. 😉

It’s also horribly amusing to discover over and over again that Hebrew is the official language here – including the selling of signs with Hebrew letters for sale, and even ready-made signs for the bathroom and home. Also, everyone speakes some Hebrew, enough at least to say “Zil Hazol” (very cheap) and “Achi / Achoti” (brother / sister). Sometimes I think they know more Hebrew than they do English!

I am having a really great time! 🙂
But I am still wet and I need to get up early tomorrow..


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3 Responses to “It’s Raining It’s Pouring..”

  1. Ron:

    Hi Karen and Oded,

    I have sent Karen an e-mail to Karen but not sure if she reads the web site first or the e-mail first. This is because I have VERY GOOD NEWS!

    Karen has been formally accepted to the Herzeliya IDC (Bein-Tchumi). She received the official letter today. The math course is only a prep course she still needs to take (and pass…) but she is IN regardless.


  2. Oren:


  3. Karen:

    Thanks! Now I can enjoy Thailand without worrying! 🙂
    Hugs everyone! 🙂

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