Trekking is apparently not for me..

First of all, I am in no shape to walk up and down very steep trails for 5 hours. (The brochure said it was supposed to be a 2.5 hour walk, but Oded claims that I walk much slower than average..)

Second, it seems that I am much too spoiled for trekking environments. The other Aussi couple with us claimed that the facilities were pretty good – we had running water , and toilets (or what the Thai consider toilets – partially covered holes in the grond with space to stand on while you crouch and aim for the hole..), but it’s too primitive for my tastes..

Third, the mosquitoes! The ****ing mosquitoes! Even after constantly spraying myself with repellant, I managed to get about 40 (yes, 40) mosquitoe bites this trek. Mostly on my butt! 🙁

The elephant ride was fun. So was the rafting! I enjoyed those! It was the walking, the lack of beds, and the partially the food that did me in.. Oh ,well. We’ll know for next time to check things out really really really well before signing up for anything. Oded said he thought the trek was going to be like the one he did 5 years ago when he was last here. If only..

Don’t mind my ranting. It was way worse than I thought it would be, but as time goes by I find that I enjoyed it more and more.. 🙂

Other than that, we planned to do things today, but since it’s already 2:30 in the afternoon, we’re probably not going to manage anything.. Maybe we’ll still see a tample or something. Tomorrow we pick up the car and we plan on going to the textile market to see silk and then off to the islands! 🙂

Vote! We’ll appreciate it! 🙂

Hugs, all! 🙂

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