Nice hack

Already covered by slashdot, but its important enough so I’m mentioning it here: Giorgio Maone is a security researcher that has found a way to create the ultimate evil pop™ up using Java.

Checkout the demo at his site (above) – it creates a full screen pop up with no visible way to close it. Pretty cool. Hopefully Sun would patch it soon and find a way to distribute the update to all currently running Java virtual machine software installed on desktops around the world… but don’t hold your breath for it. As Giorgio went public a bit early with the full disclosure1, expect to see “evil pop ups™” everywhere in the next several months.

  1. an honest mistake, can’t really blame him – read his blog post for the full story []

2 Responses to “Nice hack”

  1. Eran:

    “NoScript is your friend!” 🙂
    (Been using it pretty much since I’ve started using Firefox)

  2. Brian:

    Thanks this made for intresting reading. I really like your wordpress theme, i frequently come back here and i dont know why. I just seriously like your web site lol… I recently read something simular to this on That Are i think they might of stolen the blog?

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