Check out the cute Firefox button

(at the bottom of the sidebar to the right) that I found in Firefox’s affiliate button section. Kawaii!!

While I’m on the subject of Firefox, Firefox 3 beta 3 is scheduled to be released soon, so I took the liberty of checking the Mozilla beta “splash page”1 , and while last time I checked it was 404ed – now it shows something, but not what I expected. If you’d click the link after the beta 3 was released, then you’d get the real page and not what I saw, so here it is for posterity:

Beta 3 is a trap!

  1. The page that will be displayed when the browser starts. []

3 Responses to “Check out the cute Firefox button”

  1. Tomer‎:

    That screen it to inform you that you are not really using Beta3, which is being scheduled for tomorrow. If you would like to help us testing the product, you are more than welcome.

  2. Guss:

    I like the phrasing 😉

    I’m using Firefox 3 whenever possible (For my work I need some extensions which are not currently supported on Firefox 3), and currently I have nothing new to report.

  3. Arik:


    So now you exclaim like a Japanese school girl. Oh well. What’s next? Sugoi? Kakkouii?

    — Arik

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