History meme

Everybody is doing the history meme thing these days, so here’s mine:

$ history | perl -nle 'split /s+/,; $a{$_[2]}++; END { for (keys %a) { print "$a{$_} $_"; } }'| sort -nr | head
388 mcedit
229 svn
77 ssh
28 cd
12 php
12 ls
12 curl
10 cp
9 rpm
9 man

This is my work computer, and its quite obvious that I’m a programmer, if only for the fact that everyone else is copy&pasting awk for the history analysis and I chose to rewrite it in perl, but also for the top two commands. Looking a bit lower it looks like I’m doing a lot of PHP/web programming lately, and what am I doing running RPM in my user account ?

The entire list has 70 commands in it, which also means I’m quite a versatile command line user.

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