Chatting on the go, or UIQ Putty sucks

In continuation to my on-off love affair with smart phones (and after another one of my office coworkers fell prey to the dangers of the iPhone1 ), after I finally got my Nokia E90 charged – after it has been mostly off for the last two months or so, during which I found that the Ericsson P1i does about everything better then the E90, except SSH as I just can’t get the UIQ Putty to work and it doesn’t look like anyone is developing it anymore2, the P1i even comes with games installed (at least one anyway) unlike the E90 – I actually used Fring on the E90 today for its almost intended purpose, as I was sitting in a cafe, after purposefully leaving the computer in the car, and chatting on Google Talk with both a friend and my fiancé (who was – interestingly enough – far away on the other side of table 😉 ), and its actually quite cool even if incredibly battery draining: in 2 hours of really not intensive chatting I went through almost half of the Nokia’s rather large battery.

Anyway, sorry for the eclectic post – I’ve moved the blog to Amazon EC2 service and I’m going on a 3 week army reserve duty on Sunday. It might take a while until you see this new post as I’ve just changed the DNS entries a couple of hours ago (I really missed SSH on the E90 🙂 ) but once the update runs through you should have access to the new and improved (virtual) server that would hopefully be much faster.

  1. What danger? oooh – another silly app that just shows a different picture when you shake the phone. Seriously – it looks like the company only operates at 50% efficiency now. []
  2. Also – initially I though that I’m lacking a TAB key, but apparently its very easy to graffiti any char you’re missing on the keyboard, and surprisingly enough – also TAB []

3 Responses to “Chatting on the go, or UIQ Putty sucks”

  1. Oren:

    Wow, Moving to the cloud!!!
    Enjoy your service!

  2. Oded:

    Indeed. Currently it looks pretty cool: not terribly expensive (I figure something like $50 a month) and it lets me start up new machines very easily just to play with stuff – so I don’t have to destroy my only web server if I wan to try something dangerous like upgrade the operating system.

  3. Oded:

    Wierdly, UIQ putty got back to work for me – I have no idea why. I switched cellular providers but I don’t see how that is related.

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