Google may harm your computer, according to Google

Running any search on, at the moment, including searching for “google” may come up with all results marked This site may harm your computer:

Google may harm your computer

And clicking anything, will bring you to Google’s malware page, showing here when I tried to access

No clicks for you, come back 1 year!

Probably a momentarily glitch, still funny though 🙂

Update: Here is Google’s explanation of the outage.

5 Responses to “Google may harm your computer, according to Google”

  1. Adam:

    Finally, they make mistake (they make mistake (they make mistake))….
    i wonder if it was a bad package being installed, hackers, something else?

    what’s interesting was that it proves that changes Google can go global, as reports show this behavior was all across the world …

    btw, i’m excited as i’m writing my first online comment using my new iMac 🙂 fun.

  2. Oded:

    Good luck with your iMac 🙂

    The problem (according to Google) was a during manual update of the “bad sites” list a person added a “global wildcard” by mistake.

  3. Eran:

    Actually, we saw another way of how Google affects global affairs when they picked up an untime-stamped article that was six years old, ran it as news, it was picked up by several papers and ran without checking, ending up causing some stock downturns.

  4. Oded:

    What really cooked my noodles about how much Google affects the world was that the next Sunday – I was listening to the radio, and Galatz (Israel’s army radio – for those reading this outside of Israel) had an item, in the hourly news flash, about the Google outage.

    It was amazing that a software glitch was so important to warrant an item in the hourly news flash, and worse – they had two “people on the street” sound bits of people complaining that they couldn’t use the web because of Google. They never have opinion sound bits on the hourly news flash!

  5. Eran:

    Google is on its way to taking over the world and with all the people I knew who tried it, they are the ones I mind the least.

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