And another Ubuntu release

I haven’t written here in a while as I’m a bit busy at work (I was at the US twice in the last month, and I will post pictures soon), and I even almost missed a new Ubuntu release (thanks Amnon 🙂 ).

So here is the news Ubuntu 9.10 was released.

The new version is again much better then the previous one and here are a few small improvements that I wanted to share:

  • The notification applet integrates new messages from Evolution, Pidgin or Empathy and shows them in the same place for easy access:
  • With a Synpatics touch pad (what you have on most laptops), you can now use the standard “Scroll when touching the edge” but also two finger scrolling:
  • PulseAudio integration is better and you can now easily control the volume of individual applications with the sound properties dialog:
  • Also in sound, Bluetooth audio now works easily out of the box – pair your audio device and it appears on the audio devices list:bluetooth-sound
  • The new “new wave” theme with dark icons is very good looking if you’re into the whole “dark desktop” kind of thing (I’m still not convinced, but I try), and it plays well with the notifications which received some love as well:

There are more stuff to talk about, but just go ahead and download 🙂

Lastly, if you want more games for your Ubuntu computer (in addition to the rather nice selection Ubuntu comes out of the box with), you can just go to the new site where you can currently find hundreds of games for free – from stupid puzzles through first person shooters to online role playing games.

2 Responses to “And another Ubuntu release”

  1. Amnon:

    But most importantly, you forget 9.10 ships with lirc 0.8.6! 😀

  2. Oded:

    That is true. But it doesn’t ship with Bluez 4.56 which is required in order to get stable A2DP connections. Luckily the Blueman project (not to be confused with the Blueman group 😉 ) has a PPA with all the latest bluetooth stuff. To add it, go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Third Party and add “ppa:blueman”

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