Steve Ballmer: Microsoft has 75% of the server market

This blog is not a news source, but I’m baffled how almost no one reported on this (Thanks for Linux Outlaws for bringing this up), but here it is directly from the horse’s mouth (as the saying goes):

Ballmer: I mean, look, I assume any time a customer talks to us about it, it’s genuine competition. It doesn’t mean that we don’t do well. … We gain market–Linux is a genuine competitor, and yet we’ve built market share against Linux on the server, up to about 75 percent market share.

The emphasis is mine, the rest is from CNet’s interview of Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer starting at 9:30 minutes (transcript here look for the question about Google Docs).

Now, I’m not one to call Steve Ballmer a liar, but I would be very interested to see where this figure is coming from – he can’t seriously suggest that 75% of the world’s servers are running Microsoft Windows? Another interesting question is how the CNet interviewers didn’t take him up on this outrageous declaration.

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