WordPress 2.9 to feature a trash can

Starting with version 2.9, WordPress – the popular blogging software that this site is built on – will feature an implementation of the popular desktop paradigm of a trash can or recycle bin – allowing people to do stupid things (like delete important data) and get away with it.

The new feature follows in the footsteps of other web applications where people have gotten used to a “delete” action having no consequences, such as GMail.

The UI for the new feature will not require an advanced degree in computer science to operate:

Then you get a nice notification, and you can also see how many posts are trashed and go look at the trash:

Of course you can immediately say “oops” and restore the post, or go find older posts in the trash to restore:

Lastly, its important to note that almost anything gained trash can support: comments, uploaded media (images, videos, etc’), pages and probably a few other things.

Expect to find this in a WordPress near you, once 2.9 is out – when, is currently anyone’s guess, probably when its ready.


I wrote this post the day before yesterday and scheduled it for today – funny that, as today WordPress 2.9 was actually released, with a bit of a jazz oriented flavor. Oh well.

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