A Music Recommendation, If You So Please

A band I found out about not a long time ago, and is interestingly named “I Am Not Lefthanded” [sic]. To me they sound like how K’s Choice would sound if they were Irish and had male supporting vocals.

I Am Not Left Handed are unsigned at the moment, though they are involved in a music promotion project called “Slice The Pie” which has an interesting concept – go to their site and click on the “Invest in our album” kite at the top left to learn more about it.

Here is what I Am Not Lefthanded have to say about themselves on their site (which is BTW looks very well for, for a band anyway):

“We don’t play pop music, we don’t write music for art’s sake, we don’t represent any movements, we’re not hip, we’re not cutting edge, we don’t dress to be cool. We manage ourselves, we write our own songs, we do our own recordings, we shoot our own videos, we design our own covers, we run our own website. We’re not generally negative people. Oh yes, and we’re not lefthanded.”

The lead singer has a good voice and they have an interesting music, though its not really out there or hard to swallow (which is a good thing – all you music snobs). And they do make their own videos (though these are not that impressive – I would say: “stick to your strengths” 😉 ).

Their music is Creative Commons licensed, though its the no-commercial, no derivatives license, and you can’t actually download their music – 1 song from each of their two albums  can be downloaded for free, where when they say download they mean – “click the link, subscribe to our emailing list and we’ll send you a ‘free download link’ to your email”. So it begs the question of why use CC at all? Still, they make interesting music for cheap – buying their two albums for download will set you back 6 pound (which is about 33 NIS).

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