What kind of personality question you’d be?

While filling in a silly personality questionnaire (you know the annoying type: If you’d have been X, what type of X would you be?), I figure out the most computer geeky personality question ever!

It was obviously way too geeky for the task at hand, so here it is now for you to answer – or better yet: invent your a worst geeky personality question:

If you’d have been a design pattern (or an anti-pattern), which design pattern you’d be and why?

I, for laughs, I’d say I would have been a Duff’s device – complicated and impossible to debug 😉

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3 Responses to “What kind of personality question you’d be?”

  1. Eran:

    A Singleton, because more than one instance of me would be devastating 🙂

  2. Mooffie:

    I’d be an Iterator (probably because of some traces of OCD in me).

  3. Eran:

    Why are you writing a personality questionnaire?

    I would probably be a Turing machine. Because I want to, and I think I can, do anything.

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