Best Terminal Emulator Application


Frankly, I don’t think that there is any point of discussion, it is hands down KDE’s Konsole, but as recently I’ve been using GNOME 3.16 as my main desktop environment, I thought it will be useful to have a list of features missing from GNOME Terminal to be a contender:

  • “Use current window size on next startup” – I guess it is less useful if your work flow is to have many terminal windows, but for my use case which is normally just one fully maximized window with many tabs, not having this feature is really annoying: every time I start the terminal, I have to also maximize it because the default for GNOME terminal is a small window.
  • “Put new tab after current tab” – very important for a task based work flow, when I use only one window with multiple ongoing tasks and I need a new terminal for one of the current tasks, I would like the new tab to be located near the other terminal tabs for the same task.  Konsole has this behavior as an option while GNOME terminal always opens a new tab at the end. This is a lot about personal preferences and what is more destructive to the work flow – for example, in my Konsole setup, if I want to start a new task then I can’t just open a new tab – I’d have to either go to the last tab before opening a new tab, or open and then move it, while in GNOME Terminal I have to open it and then move it back to the correct group. It just depends what you do more, but definitely having the option to select the desired behavior is better than not having it.
  • “Start in the same directory as current tab” – works very well with the previous behavior, if I want a new tab on the same task then it is mighty useful to already start on the same directory. Again its a trade-off, because if I want to start a new task then I will need to create a new tab and then issue <code>cd</code>. But having the option to choose this behavior is better than not having it.
  • Tab titles show access to remote hosts – The terminal’s tab headers show what application is currently running, which is might useful, but with GNOME Terminal when you ssh to a different host, the tab title doesn’t even show that the tab isn’t local anymore. Konsole shows the target of the SSH and what application / directory is used on the remote.

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