Shopping! :)

Today was another day that started later than planned – which is perfectly fine by me, as we went to sleep at 5 in the morning.. (Never bring really good books with you when you travel! Instead of seeing the sites, you end up reading your book! LOL!) We decided to go see the Weekend Market – Chatuchak Market, since (as implied by the name) it’s only open on the weekends.. I had a really good time walking around, absorbing the interesting sights and sounds (and tastes – more interesting but unidentifiable fruits and nuts! 🙂 Yum! ) and shopping for clothes, mostly. Souvenier shopping will have to wait until the day before we fly.. 🙂

There wasn’t much room to bargain, or at least that was the impression that I got but the prices were pretty good in comparison to the market in the area where we are staying.. (I might have once again been seperated from far more money than I should have paid, but I think that I am learning.. Slowly, but learning..)
Besides the clothes, there were all sorts of things in the market – from furninture to potted plants to foodstuff to pets! We walked around a wonderful area with pets for sale and petted most of the dogs and squirrels. I missed petting the ducklings and chicks because we were walking in the wrong direction, and I didn’t see any cats, interestingly enough… I have to check more closely what they put in my chicken, I see.. 😉

After the market we went to the Siam Center, specifically to the entertainment floor to eat something, and to my horror it seems that the Israelis have conquered Thailand! The waitress, a pure Thai who hasn’t travelled, spoke fluent Hebrew! It’s really scary that I’m talking with Oded in Hebrew and *everyone* around us understands what we’re saying!
It was fun, though. And incredible food! 🙂

We continued for a bit of last-minute shopping neccesities – an mp3 disc player for our trip, and I discovered that you really can’t believe what they’re selling you. It’s good I have someone with me who understands the goods, or I would have bought something terrible and terribly expensive. But we didn’t – specifically, we found something that we liked and it wasn’t expensive! 🙂

A little more reading (I finally finished my book! Maybe now I can enjoy the sightseeing! 😉 ) and some internet.. Now it’s 3 in the morning and we really have a long day ahead of us tomorrow so…

All my love!

Oh.. Oded keeps taking pictures. He posted them in the gallery go see for yourselves! 🙂 (Sorry to those with no Hebrew about the titles..
Have fun!

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