Happy Diving! :)

Today was a great day! It started at 11:00 – Yay! – with my written test. 45/50. It’s a great score. 🙂
(I did, in the end, join the other group. This is a great thing, since the instructor is really nice and really funny and his assistant is too! 🙂 )

We went out at 12:30 for the dives. I felt okay though it was good. It seems the general consensus is that I have seasickness.. Ugh! I’ve never had seasickness before! 🙁 Oded, my sweetheart, went and bought me anti-seasick pills. Bless him. I hope they will do the job tomorrow! 🙂

Anyway, we had our very funny “family chat” with our instructers – Alex and Mike – and then went down for our first dive. It was really good, other than the fact that I had a disagreement with a coral and it scratched my leg up pretty good.. What’s really funny is that under a certain level, you bleed green! It’s really, really freaky. 😉 Don’t worry – I’m fine! Just in a little pain. 🙂

We saw some pretty cool fish on the dive, which was a lot of fun! 🙂

We finished the dive and spent some time on the ship to our next dive point, then had a second dive, which was really good, after I stopped panicking.. You see, I have a real problem – when things are funny, I laugh, as we know. And when Alex is being particularly funny (as he always is) – underwater – I laugh – underwater. Which means my mask fills up with water.. Which is a problem when I gasp water up my nose.. So I breathed a little water instead of air and started to panic, which was okay since Alex saw and helped me through it without drowning. 🙂 After I calmed down, the whole thing was pretty funny.. 🙂
After that, the dive was perfect!

We got back, and my wonderful man got me some crab, which I am happy to say was really fun and worth the effort – He won’t agree, though.. 🙂 So now I am happily full of crab and the world is moving as if I’m still on the boat, so I’m going to go now..

I’m having the most incredible time! 🙂

Love you all!

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  1. אבא:

    שלום לכם!
    אני מקווה שאתם נהנים אבל אני חושב שאתה מגזים בכמות הצלילות שאתה עושה ביום! אסור יותר משתי צלילות ביום גם אם הם רדודות זה חוק ואסור לעבור עליו- אני מתחיל לחשוב שאתה עובר על עוד איסורים בצלילה וזה מאוד לא בסדר.
    אני גם מתאר לי שבמקום כזה נידח בטח אין תא לחץ כך שזה הופך להיות מאוד מסוכן.
    תמליץ לקרן לא לצלול במקרה והיא מרגישה לא במייטבה משום שזה מסוכן.
    תהנו ותשמרו על עצמכם. אבא

  2. Rochalle:

    Hi Metukim!
    I’m so happy that you’re having such a great time diving and enjoying your trip. We follow your entries daily and really admire your devotion to record your experiences in detail.I hope you’re taking many pictures for we haven’t seen any new ones for quite a while.
    Karen,we wish you were here to share with us the good news when Amir and Ronit called. It was so exciting!However,Amir insisted on telling you the news personally so we held back.Mazal tov on becoming a Doda in waiting!
    Good news with Saba David-he’s actually eating by himself,to our delight.
    That’s all for now.Take good care of yourselves and have fun.We miss you.
    Love, Rochalle.

  3. Ron:

    Hi Guys,

    I got a call from Sara about som living room furnitures tha she wants to give you. She wants to know if you want a 3+2 set from another apartment she has. The problem is that she needs to store them fro this Thursday until Oct 1 somewhere. Do you want me to see them first and then find a solution to the temporary storage?

    Looking for your answer,

  4. Karen:

    Hi Dad!
    Please see them first. You should have an idea what we’te looking for. Please make sure that it is clear that while we are happy to have them now, we might want to get new furniture later and we will have to remove this furniture from the apt. Ask Sara what she thinks about this and see if you can come to an agreement. Thanks!

  5. Karen:

    Hi Mom! Thanks for writing! 🙂

    We will upload pictures when the internet isn’t so expensive.. It’s 4 times what we paid in Chiang Mail!
    Thanks, grandma! 😉

    I’m so happy Saba is feeling better! That’s really great news!
    Love you!

  6. George:

    i got a 100% on my test!

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