Open Water Diver!! :)

Hi everyone!

I completed my open water diving course today! 🙂 Yay! 🙂 Tomorrow I’m doing the Advanced course, which allows me to dive deeper and at night. Parent, we got a video of our last 2 dives, so you can see some of what we’ve done.. 🙂

For my diving buddies, let me tell you a little about our course.. One person, 2 days ago, managed to break his regulator hose. Underwater.
Today, *I* managed to do a full dive – and breathe – with the tape still over my O-ring! Also, one person (Silva) started his second dive with no air (where was his buddy? Huh?) and our third dude managed to brake the first-stage valve 5 minutes into the dive, and vented all his air! It was a little crazy, but loads of fun! My oops cost me a beer – I had to buy my instructor a beer because I was silly.

All is well, I’m having a blast. Oded is fine, too. 🙂
I’m cutting this short because I have to wake up at gawdawful in the morning and the screen is making me seasick..

Mom, Dad, please check the comments from the post Happy Diving as I replied there to your comments.

Miss you all!

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