You get what you pay for

In this case, compliments to Avis. We rented a car from Avis in London. Now, they’re by far the most expensive car rental company we came across this entire trip, but they’re also the only ones willing to let us take an English car into Ireland.. In hindsight, this was a *very bad idea* and we really should have skipped the ferry, taken a flight to Dublin and rented a car there.. That being said, the car is great and they are the only ones who would let us take their car across..

Anyway, those of you following will remember that since I didn’t wake up and Oded forgot to take my driver’s license with him when he got the car in London, he’s currently the only person allowed to drive.. So today, following the advice of Avis London who told Oded when he got the car that he could add me at any Avis desk, we drove to Cork Airport to register me as a 2nd driver.

Turns out English Avis laws and Irish Avis laws are different.. We were told there would be a 1 time fee for adding a 2nd driver.. In Ireland, it’s a fee *per day*.. Big difference.. We were so dismayed and confused, and the lady at the desk was so nice and accomodating, that she decided this whole thing is way too complicated and she’s just going to register me as a second driver free of charge and may we have a nice day! Honestly, the people here are simply the nicest, most caring and accomodating people *ever* and they are making this trip absoltely significantly more fantastic than it would be otherwise!

So Yay to Avis being fantastic people!

Have to run – internet closes in 5 mintues..

More on today next time we get connection..


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  1. tHEhERETIC:

    Finally got to reading all this–looks like you’re having a whirlwind. Good! I read about your soup in a breadbowl and got positively envious. What I wouldn’t hunt and kill for a good cheese here, to make a potato/chicken/cheese soup with.

    On the bright side we can get fresh grilled ham. I highly recommend it.

    You didn’t miss anything on the chat–the demon of time zones got one, RL got another, and I chatted OOC with the third. Then YoungYong the cat peed on my blankets when I tried to go back to bed…must train that little guy.

  2. Eran:

    I don’t think it shows how much English people are nice but it shows how everyone else is so clueless. I didn’t even think people like that existed in real life.
    I don’t think they are nicer than usual. They should set the standard and the rest are less nice than usual should be.

  3. Cork Airport:

    I’m glad you found the lady at the desk in Cork Airport to be “so nice and accommodating”. Maybe I’m biased but I haven’t found that at any other airport I’ve been at.

  4. Karen:

    Hehe 🙂 Thanks!

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