There’s a Goose Alseep in the Rain!


Lots of silly sheep – most of them wet and scrawny, probably because of the wet – over in the Gap of Dunloe which we started our day in.. It’s amazing how even on a gray, wet, miserable day with fog, the Gap is still amazingly gorgeous! And has lots of sheep.. Silly sheep.. Including the one brilliant sheep standing in the middle of the road right after a turn.. “Baa!” it said to us when we saw it.. “Get off the road, silly sheep!” we told it back.. Then we flashed our lights at it and it turned around and started running – down the road we needed to take.. So we chased a silly sheep down the road for a few minutes, while the sheep was getting more and more stressed, until it finally left the road and we passed it..

So most of this morning was spent driving on crazy back roads and stopping frequently so Oded can take a picture.. Mind you, everytime he got out of the car – and soaking wet – I was sitting there laughing at him.. I can replace curling up with hot chocolate and a book with being driven around and sightseeing, but there’s *no way* I’m going to walk out into that rain – just so I can take a picture! LOL! Lazy, spoiled me! 😉

Of course, we got managed to get lost in the Gap.. Which was fun, of course, but meant that we ended up back in Killarney at about 2:30, instead of on our way on the Ring of Kerry.. Lunch (at Murphey’s Pub, which isn’t bad but isn’t quite as good as Crock O’Gold..) and then we continued on the Ring.. It’s really as fantastic as everyone says – even when it’s gray, wet and foggy.. Though at about 4:30 things started clearing up some, so we got some incredible pictures!

We ended the day at around 6 in Cahersiveen (sp?), a small, sleepy town near the first turn on the coast of the Ring.. Slept at O’Sheas B&B – which is fantastic! Great rooms, *wonderful* showers, scones for breakfast! Oh, and the host is an internationally successful runner – with medals and stories and everything! Cool place to stay!

My man is the best – really! He’s taking the best care of me.. Today, for example, I was vicious and miserable – so he left me alone when I wanted alone, then came back and pet me until I was happy.. If that’s not enough, he brought me breakfast to the room so I didn’t have to get up, then went to the car to pick up stuff that I left there.. This, on top of the fact that he’s the one driving everywhere.. (Admittedly, he likes driving – especially on those small, difficult back lanes that give me nightmares when I think about driving there, but still, he’s taking the best care of me and I really appreciate it!) Absolutely the best, most wonderful man ever!

So today (the 15th) we’re off to run the rest of the Ring and back to Killarney..

Have lots of fun, everyone!

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  1. Eran:

    Mind the Gap! 🙂

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