Rainy Grays


Yesterday was one of those days where the only thing you really want to do is curl up with hot chocolate and a book.. Weather outside was sleepy weather – misty rain and several shades of gray.. Not the best time to visit Muckross House and Gardens – or any other part of Killarney’s National Park.. We took a jaunt car – which is a horse and buggy type contraption – which was lots of fun, and toured the Muckross House, which is interesting and beautiful. We *tried* to walk around a little, but I was in a slightly miserable mood and it was *wet*, so we didn’t get much exploring done.. Did see Torc Waterfall, which is beautiful.

We got back to the city pretty early (around 5:30-6) and found ourselves the best B&B to date! Windway Town House has the perfect mix of wonderful rooms (our host kept apologizing that we got the smallest room in the house – the attic – but Oded fell in love with it immediately!), great water pressure (or so Oded says – I haven’t checked), a surprisingly organized and unobtrusive host and *free working Wifi!* The breakfast is a little smaller than previous affairs, but that isn’t necessarily a problem.. Oh, and for the less technologically dependent guests, he has a guest computer hooked up to the internet 8AM-8PM for guest convenience!

After settling in (which included internet, of course) we headed back (the 3 minute walk) to town for some food and some shopping.. We’re finally wising up to the fact that if we don’t get to dinner before 8Pm, we won’t get to eat dinner at all! 🙁 So at 7PM we walk into a restaurant/pub/B&B called Crock O’Gold – and eat the best Irish stew to be had in Ireland (as far as I know), along with wonderful apple pie(something). Oded says his stuffed lamb and Bailey’s Cheescake were great, too.. Anyway, highly recommended and a definite must-eat if you’re ever in Killarney!

After eating and wandering around some (I should *never* be allowed into a bookstore when I’m on vacation.. Bought *another* 4 books, gave an hour lecture to the very nice saleslady about young adult Fantasy these days and had to be politely kicked out because she wanted to close!) we met up with my friend Colm.. Wonderful guy, that one.. Lots of fun! (Sleazy and lecherous, but in a good way.. I don’t know how he manages to pull that off, but somehow, for him, that works!) Also all-around good guy.. Had lots of fun! Hopefully we’ll see him again tomorrow night, when we get back to the Killarney area.. Oh, and if you’re in Killarney, stop by Granny’s, the pub across the street from the tourist Information.. Nice place, hysterically funny (and rather cute) barman, good booze (if you go for that type of thing).. They also apparently serve food at some point, but we got in after 9PM, so of course we have no idea..

And, for the amusement factor, apparently I’m not the only one who manages to misread store signs.. In this case, we walked by a souvenir shop and Oded says “Let’s go see what they’re selling at Buggers!” Buggers? Really? Umm.. Try “Eagers” instead! LOL! I would *love* to see what they would be selling at a store called “Buggers!”

Today we’re off to sightsee on the Ring of Kerry – I hope the fact that it’s gray and raining won’t cause us to miss out on too much..

Have a wonderful time, everyone!


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