Apple’s next iPhone 5 will have everything we’ve already seen on Android

International Business Times has published an article with some features made available by iOS 6 that is likely iPhone 5 will offer:

Answering/Declining Calls – Users will now have the option to answer or decline calls. Users may send a text message from a choice of pre-programmed options if you wish not to be disturbed at the moment. Users will also be able to remind themselves to return the missed calls later.

Really? That’s a new feature? Having used these features constantly since, like, forever on Android, I’m actually very surprised that iOS didn’t have those up till now.

iMaps – iPhone 5 will be the first device to feature Apple’s newly-developed maps.

Yes, Apple invested a lot of time (and a kerfuffle with Open Street Maps) to basically reproduce a lower quality version of Google Maps.

Integrated Facebook – After the integration of Twitter on the iPhone 4S last year, Apple announced that it will integrate Facebook in iOS 6.

Apparently, iPhone users can’t easily share content from any app to their service of choice, unless it is specifically supported by Apple’s iOS built-in services. with iOS 6 Apple has added a second service, yay? In Android basically every app can expose a share service – I can share anything to my WordPress blog or Gallery or anything that I care to install an app for.

FaceTime – Apple gleefully announced that FaceTime can now be used over cellular connections so users no longer have to rely on Wi-Fi

Google Talk voice and video chat works over anything that has internet, and of course there are 3rd party services.

Other features … improved Siri

Siri is a large advantage for Apple, but it looks like it has been caught up to by Google with the new Google Now application, and according to reviews, the new iOS 6 Siri is still not as good as Google Now.

… NFC support and 4G/LTE connectivity

Like numerous Android handsets which already support these services for a year or more.

The latest rumor about the iPhone 5 is it will be equipped with quad core processor A6 chip

The iPhone 5 will be released more then half a year after 2 Android phones have been released with quad core processors, and I would still be surprised if the A6 will be as good as the Tegra 3. Apple used to be ahead of the curve in hardware, but now they’re lagging – I expect the gap from Android devices will only expand over time, because Apple simply can’t compete alone against, basically, all the other handset manufacturers.

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