Another form of recycling

This was on the bus stop bench outside my work today:


The note under the memory modules (3 sticks, 512MB each, either PC100 or PC123) says “please take”.

I never thought about trying that. Do you think I can do the same with my old CRT?

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  1. Eran:

    In Haifa, in some places, the bus stops have libraries. People are encouraged to take books, read them and leave them at the next stop, or the next time they ride a bus after finishing them or just leave books in general.
    Almost everywhere I see, people just leave things, usually near garbage bins, for other people to take. Two fully working speakers that are bigger than a mega chibithulhu, thank you.
    And there are places you can advertise to people and say, I have stuff, come and take it.

  2. Granville Giambalvo:

    recycling is of course very necessary to keep the environment clean.*

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  3. mooffie:

    One place where you can advertize things you want to get rid of is .

    As for CRTs: I got my previous one from the street. The person who ditched it tucked a note to it: “תקין” (works). It’s really considerate of people to tuck a message because it lets you know that it’s a valid giveaway and not a lost property. In the religious parts of the city I live in people tuck “הפקר” (abandoned). I once saw a “הפקר” sign on a garden wall inviting people to take its fruits.

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