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Google are anti-semitic!

Well, probably not – I just wanted to put a sensationalist headline once 🙂

What I’m really annoyed about is that Google Maps have no information on Israel – not cities, roads, nothing – even Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv aren’t listed. At the time, I’ve put it down to Google having no information at all for the entire region and I thought that they will probably fix this in due course.

And they did – sorta, as you can see in the screenshot below:
Google Maps details of Israel
(From Google Maps)


Live upgrade of Fedora 8 to Fedora 9

As noted below, Fedora 9 came out recently, and I think its time my work computer would get a “brain transplant”. I can’t have a lot of downtime on this machine – its the one I do most of my work on, so this upgrade needs to be a “live updated” – I can’t afford the time to shut it down, load an installation of even a live CD (that doesn’t have my environment) and wait until it installs.


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