My Extensions

This is a list of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird extension that I like to use.

Its mainly here for me to remember (its a techinque of offloading memory onto the web, its cool – you should try it 😉 ), so I can re-install them as needed, but you can also pretend its a list of extensions I recommend for Mozilla users (who might, for reasons beyond me, value my opinion) – I won’t mind at all.

  • Mozilla Firefox:

    • The venerable Adblock (install)
    • GreaseMonkey is a very useful extension to automatically run javascripts on the current page, that can transform it in a variety of ways. Also check for all the scripts that you can install in GreaseMonkey (install).
    • The Web Developer toolbar is the ultimate toolbox for web developers – it has everything you ever wanted your browser to do, and then some, and then some more. Its so good that Microsoft had to come up with their own version of web developer toolbar that works with MSIE, otherwise no one in his right mind would continue to develop for Internet Explorer (install).
    • Get rid of those annoying “free registration” web site logins with Bug Me Not. It works in conjunction with the web site, but you don’t have to use the web site anymore – find working registrations and even add a new one right from the page context menu.
    • GMail Manager is a Mozilla embedded GMail notification on steroids (install).
    • Signature allow you to add signatures to web posts, such as forums and web mails (install).
    • BetterSearch offers search enhancments for several web search engines, among them google. It adds site thumbnails and links to open the web site in an iframe from the search results, and some more nice tricks (install).
  • Mozilla Thudnerbird

    Nothing here yet – I’ll update it when I have a chance

Here is the list of extensions I’m currently test-running. Depending on the outcome the might go up to the “recommded list” or down to the “rejected list”: