About Me

Welcome to my private public blog – my name is Oded Arbel and I’m a geek!1.

I’m a technical guy, located in Israel, and I’m all about software in general and free/libre/open-source software specifically. I have been into software development for most of my life (ever since my parents bought a Commodore 64, back in the 80s2) and software is also my current day job – as a software engineer.

That being said, this blog is my private blog and is not about my professional life and I go to some lenth to keep it that way – if you want to get updated about my professional career (the little I share about it) you can look up my LinkedIn profile.

What you can expect to get here? Stuff that interests me, and in addition various things I get upset about: software and technology is foremost, but also random amateur photography, trekking in Israel and other places, science and obviously (and the source of most rants) – stupidity in all its forms.

Around the web, where I’m mostly known by the nick guss77, you can find me in a few other places:

  1. As if you didn’t notice 😉 []
  2. and it is still lying around somewhere []