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Updated Kohana RPMs for RHEL/CentOS

While I’m maintaining RPMs for the Kohana PHP framework, as I discussed here, I thought it will be a good idea to track the stable “upstream” development.

The Kohana project have recently released an update to their 3.0 release, so I’ve integrated this back to the RPM distribution and you can now get an updated RPM package from the RPM repository here and a source RPM is as usual available here.

I Hate Pod Catchers

[Updated: 29/7/2011]

One of the reasons to get a new mobile internet device, is to get a better pod catcher to use in order to feed my podcast listening habit :-). Its not that Escarpod for Symbian was bad – it was a very good application and any new podcatcher I’ll get will be measured against it – but my P1i was kind of dying and regardless all new development in Escarpod was happening in the S60 version and not for UIQ that the P1i was running.

Once I had an android device, the next order of business was to find the best podcatcher (for me). I’ve downloaded and tried all the podcatchers I could get my hand on, so here’s the summary of my trials and tribulations. If I missed any podcatcher that you know of (and want me to compare against those listed below), then drop me a note about it.


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