More Internet Explorer Funny Behaviors

Sometimes, when you try to develop things that work in Internet Explorer, you get to a point where you can just scratch your head and wonder “what the he*$ where they thinking of?!?”. This is one of those cases:

This is in Internet Explorer 8 when set to IE7 mode, but this is very faithful to the original as I’ve tested it on a real IE7 and it behaves the same. What happens here is that when you scroll the page down, all absolutely positioned elements (the two “combo boxes” which are a custom UI widget and the text “Dimensions:… at the top right corner”) get pulled down a few pixels. When you scroll up, they get put back in the correct place.


An astute observation

Yep, that sounds about right.

Firefox 3.6 automatic upgrade seems to be paying off

Mozilla’s decision to offer users of Firefox 3.5 to automatically upgrade to 3.6 seems to be paying off quite well:

From looking at some web statistics that I generated from leading web sites, this is how the browser market place looks for the top 95% of web users:


More Internet Explorer Bugs

[Update: initially I thought this problem was limited to IE7 and earlier, I was wrong and it also happens in Internet Explorer 8. Kind of destroys what ever expectations I’ve had remaining for IE8]

Although Internet Explorer 8 was already released1 most users are going to stick to previous versions – I know this for a fact as even though Internet Explorer 7 is already more than a couple of years on the market it still only has slightly better then 50% of the Internet Explorer market (not including other browsers).

That being said, its always “fun” finding more Internet Explorer bugs, something which the web developer I’m working with is proficient in (which she isn’t really doing on purpose – I’m not sure if it counts in her favor or not 🙂 ), so here is the latest one she stumbled upon2: (more…)

  1. and it boasts a superior rendering engine – which is almost on par with  Firefox 3: it breaks horribly in the WordPress edit post dialog – its the first serious rendering problem I’ve seen with IE8 []
  2. I haven’t documented the several previous ones we encountered – I might do so in the future []

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