Copying mail to MS-Exchange server using IMAP

I’m not really proud of the fact, but my work place has decided to migrate the mail server (after several tests of open source platforms) to Microsoft Exchange. For that we need to copy the current mail boxes of users from the server being phased out to the new MS-Exchange mail server.

In previous migrations we’ve used the excellent imapsync program which is written in perl and connects using IMAP to two servers and copies messages and folders from one server to another. Nonetheless, trying to get imapsync to work with the beast that is MS-Exchange has proved to be daunting. This is not really a rant (although you can read it as thus – I won’t mind at all 😉 ), but trying to get the thing to work I searched the web high and low and found precious little information about migrating to MS-Exchange1, so this is basically a summary of my recollection of the process in hopes that others will find this information useful2.


  1. Hopefully that means that not a lot of people are doing it ? []
  2. And in higher hopes that others will not need this information 😉 []

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