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I hate it when they do that.

This is something which is funny and sad at the same time. Its not the first time I encountered this issue, which is that people who evangelize Linux (or basically any other product) don’t use it themselves. If you are going to be an evangelist, have the decency to practice what you preach.


Sun is taking over the world, again.

Or at least trying – Sun releases their Java language implementations under the GPL (Hotspot virtual machine for Micro, Standard and Enterprise versions, and the compiler). Which – you’d think – is a good thing, right? I would argue that it may have some very negative effects.. Read on.


And today on our column “Bumper stickers I need on my car”

We bring you this little gem:
bumber sticker zoomed


Google adds another search related feature

It may or may not be new (I surely haven’t noticed it before), but If you are logged in to Google, and also have a Google Notebook account, then for each link in the search results, in addition the “Cached” and other stuff there, you’ll notice a “Note this” link. Clicking on it will change the text to “Dully noted” and will add the link as a new empty note to your default Notebook (in addition to poping up a small AJAX box that allows you to do other stuff that I haven’t investigated fully yet).

I found its a great way to build a list of links to go over more throughly later.

Surprisingly enough, Adobe aren’t the bad guys

After recently acquiring Macromedia (and taking over their MacrmediaAdobe Flash business), and due to the large Shopping spree, Adobe has been conducting in the recent years, buying companies left and right (and I have many more links) you’d think that Adobe is trying to corner the computer publishing market or something. Not helped by the Adobe-Microsoft PDF dispute and some Adobe patents which look not unlike Microsoft’s idea of patenting “non-obvious” inventions (no links this time – go look it up on your own), Adobe was starting to look more and more like other computer giants we know and “love” ;-).


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