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Java and “multi-dispatch”

In short – no, and as I’ve seen people get baffled by that more then once – and the interesting effects that occur when programmers assume that it works, here’s a short explanation of what is multi-dispatch and why it doesn’t work in Java.


Another gaming post – Wii head tracking

There’s a lot of Wii hacks going around (mostly by this guy) – which I’ve mostly managed to ignore, but this last one is so cool. You wouldn’t think so just reading the title, but watch the video:

This is definitely cool, and as Johnny Lee says – if any Nintendo Wii developer is watching this: bring on the games!

(I’m not buying a Wii just yet, but if a game that uses this technique comes out, I’d be hard pressed not to buy one).

מתכון – פסטה בפלפלים מתוקים

רוטב לפסטה הוא משהו די פשוט, אבל אפשר לעשות אותו מעניין בקצת יותר עבודה – אז הנה וריאציה שלי על שיטת הכנה לרוטב פסטה שהעתקתי מג’יימי אוליבר (“השף הערום”1 ).


  1. ולא, הוא לא באמת ערום []

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