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Another Ruby rant

(I’m not sure if the first such rant was on this blog, or it was just on a comment in another blog, but it was about the incredibly navel-contemplating project “god“).

I like Ruby and I think its a neat little language. Although it still suffers from some childhood maladies (such as very bad performance), it has a very nice syntax and uses a lot of common development paradigms mixed-in in a very interesting and useful way. I’ve wrote a few programs (small and large) in Ruby and I keep it in my arsenal of programming tools on the same shelf as Perl (and not on the same shelf with Python which is stored in some box somewhere).

But I keep noticing the same problem – it used to be that we would joke about C programmers saying “when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail”, but its becoming more and more apparent that Ruby programmers fall into the same category. Everywhere I turn theres someone who is trying to use Ruby (or misuse it as the case may be) in a situation where it is clearly the wrong tool for the job.

The above mentioned “god” is a good example, but here’s another one:

Check out the cute Firefox button

(at the bottom of the sidebar to the right) that I found in Firefox’s affiliate button section. Kawaii!!

While I’m on the subject of Firefox, Firefox 3 beta 3 is scheduled to be released soon, so I took the liberty of checking the Mozilla beta “splash page”1 , and while last time I checked it was 404ed – now it shows something, but not what I expected. If you’d click the link after the beta 3 was released, then you’d get the real page and not what I saw, so here it is for posterity:


  1. The page that will be displayed when the browser starts. []

Web site design crap

So I’m writing a web application again, and again I need it to work with Internet Explorer, so of course I can’t anything fancy – or I can try but everything breaks:

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