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The best letter opener ever!

Sorry the for the too much videos lately and not enough actual content, but I’ve seen this and simply couldn’t resist:

Video on Snotr

ICANN new gTLD system will brandize the internet

I’ve yet to comment on ICANN’s new plan for the internet’s so called “top level domain names” (.com, .net, etc’), and I think a very important future aspect of it was overlooked by most critics.

ICANN are planning to open up the process for adding new top level domains1 to the point where anyone can request to register new top level domains – even in a non-latin script.

Many commenters agree that implementing this suggestion would cause an explosion in the available and used top level domains, and as a result also the number of actual domains registered, which can also be a bad thing – for example, domains named after common file extensions (Firefox.exe anyone?), for specific fringe interest groups or a top level domain per city (The .nyc domain for New York City seems to be the most coordinated).


  1. following the previous expansion of list of generic top level domains where 7 new top level domains were introduced []

הכירו את עודד ארבל

תוך כדי קצת Ego Surfing (בעקבות פוסט גניבת הזהות של עירא אברמוב) בגוגל עליתי על הפנינה הבאה:

2 וחצי דקות לתוך הסרט תוכלו לפגוש את עודד ארבל (O-ded במבטא אמריקאי מעצבן – אני שונא שאמריקאים מבטאים את השם שלי כך), הבעלים של משתלת פרחים בפיליפינים (כן, הוא ישראלי לשעבר).


All wisdom is found in comics

(Fragment from goats comics by Jonathan Rosenberg reproduced here without permission)


Suddenly everything makes sense!

  1. High-fructose corn syrup is used in North America as the primary commercial non-diet sweetener, found – for example – in all american soft drinks []

Firefox 3 updates

I updated the Foxkeh button – Mozilla Japan did it again, check out the Firefox 3 button at the bottom right (and get it here).

Also, check out Foxkeh blog for wallpapers and other cute Foxkeh stuff.


סתם וידאו משעשע שמצאתי באינטרנט

Bumble B-Boy
by PatrickBoivin

מצא חן בעיניי תנועות המצלמה – בהתחשב בכך שזה stop-motion קלאסי חובבני (לבחור יש עוד כמה כאלה) זה מושקע למדי.


No, I’m not going to compare DPKG and RPM (and definetly not APT and YUM/URPMI/RUG), but I use both (I use Ubuntu at home and on the laptop), and while I’m rather proficient with RPM, I often find myself dumbfounded as to how to do a specific action with DPKG.

Fortunately I’ve found this nice reference that compares DPKG and RPM command line switches. It does provide some of the things that I need to do with my package manager. Unfortunately, some of the more advanced functions (specifically queries) I need are not covered there.

So does anyone know how to to do, using dpkg:

rpm -qf <path to file> – Check to which package a given file belongs. This is very important operation when you are trying to troubleshoot something.
rpm -q --scripts <package> – List what scripts have run or will be run when a package was installed or will be removed. This is important for figuring out what mess a specific package have rendered on your system. with -qp instead, this can be used to examine what mess a specific uninstalled packge will render on your system when it will be installed
rpm -q --provides <package> (and other capabilities and dependencies stuff) is required to figure out what package depends on what and why.

Specifically the first I really need as I constantly use this. any comments are welcome, of course 🙂

ולחדשות המטופשות של השבוע

למי שלא שמע, ג’ורג’ לוקאס עומד להוציא סרט מלחמת הכוכבים חדש: Star Wars: Clone Wars, וזה יהיה סרט מצויר. רגע, לא כבר ראינו Star Wars: Clone Wars מצויר פעם ? כן – סדרת הקצרצרונים של טראטקובסקי ב-Cartoon Network (שגם משודרת ב-Toonami).

ובכן, לוקאס חולב את הסדרה עד זוב דם ומוציא גרסת Clone Wars חדשה, הפעם ב-CG, שתתחיל עם סרט (להפצה בארה”ב באוגוסט) ולאחר מכן “לפחות 100 פרקים” שישודרו ב-Carton Network וב-‎TNT1.


  1. שנכון שהיו להם כמה הברקות מד”ב כמו הרכישה של Babylon 5 בזמנו, אבל עם כל הכבוד, TNT הם לא הערוץ שהייתי מצפה להפיץ בו סדרת מד”ב מצוירת []

דבר חשוב מאד שלא שמתי לב אליו בכלל

זה שהמשחק של Penny Arcade יצא בגרסת לינוקס כמו גם גרסת מק (ובאותו יום כמו גרסת החלונות, לפחות כך מספרים לי).


Script day – randomly rotate GNOME desktop backgrounds

I kind of collect desktop wallpapers – I have a lot of those, several thousands1. It is a bit ridiculous as I mostly use maximized windows all the time so if not for the fact that in work I live on the console and I have a transparent terminal, I would rarely see my desktop wallpaper.

That being said, with a wallpaper collection, you want a software to manage it and cycle your desktop through the wallpapers. KDE has this function built it – just go to configure your wallpaper and select a directory of wallpapers, choose whether you want to cycle through the images sequentially or randomly, the delay and your done.

Not so in GNOME – simplicity for simplicity’s sake (more…)

  1. mostly anime and video games fan made as well as promotional walls, a lot of hobby photographs – mine and other people’s, and a few more professionally made art []

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