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חג החרות בישראל

למי שחי תחת אבן בחודש האחרון, בעיצומו של שבוע זה אנחנו חוגגים בישראל (ובקהילות היהודיות בעולם) את חג הפסח שאחד העקרונות החשובים שלו היא החירות – החופש לא להיות עבדים או אסורים על ידי מישהו אחר – זר או מקומי.

מעניין שדווקא עכשיו מתפתח בארץ סיפור מוזר (more…)

Firefox 3.6 automatic upgrade seems to be paying off

Mozilla’s decision to offer users of Firefox 3.5 to automatically upgrade to 3.6 seems to be paying off quite well:

From looking at some web statistics that I generated from leading web sites, this is how the browser market place looks for the top 95% of web users:


How to build a chroot jail environment for CentOS

A chroot environment is simply a directory – inside which you can find a file system hierarchy exactly like your original operating system. You can then use the UNIX chroot command to open a shell in that directory so that command running under that shell see only the chroot environment and can’t mess up your system. This is very useful for many different reasons – for example if you want to build some software packages and you don’t want their build dependencies to pollute your real system.

Building a chroot environment is not difficult at all using the right tools, and YUM – the CentOS installation tool – has what you need.


Another Mac-styled update for Ubuntu – Window buttons to the left!

As we’ve know for quite a long time now, Ubuntu is aiming to look and behave as much like Mac as possible1 – we’ve already seen the Growl-like on screen notifications (which are rather cool) and here is the next major user interface change:

In Ubuntu 10.04 – due to be released on late April of this year – the window buttons (close, maximize,minimize) will be on the left side of the window! See here for the branding screenshots.


  1. within 2 years Mark Shuttleworth said in 2008, so he’s clearly running out of time []

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