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Things that have no place in the 21st century:

Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right

Its the first annual catholic conference on “Geocentrism1, where you’d find interesting lectures such as “Scientific experiments showing the earth motionless in space” and “Geocentrism: they know it by they’re hiding it”.

Brilliant, and just when you though its safe to walk outside.

Thanks to Skepticality, some brave fools are going to go there, possibly armed with t-shirts proclaiming their heliocentric beliefs. I probably would have put out something like “Galileo was right but all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. Or something.

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  1. The second worst thing after “flat earth” – those heliocentric, Copernicus worshiping fools are wrong and the earth is the center of the universe []

More Internet Explorer Funny Behaviors

Sometimes, when you try to develop things that work in Internet Explorer, you get to a point where you can just scratch your head and wonder “what the he*$ where they thinking of?!?”. This is one of those cases:

This is in Internet Explorer 8 when set to IE7 mode, but this is very faithful to the original as I’ve tested it on a real IE7 and it behaves the same. What happens here is that when you scroll the page down, all absolutely positioned elements (the two “combo boxes” which are a custom UI widget and the text “Dimensions:… at the top right corner”) get pulled down a few pixels. When you scroll up, they get put back in the correct place.


An astute observation

Yep, that sounds about right.

Google’s Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

In case you missed it, starting yesterday, Google‘s home screen doodle is a full fledged PacMan game:

Google's PacMan Doodle

What is interesting (to me anyway), is that the game is full encoded using HTML and Javascript – each ghost or pacman and also all the dots are graphics assigned using CSS to HTML DIV elements, which are moved on the screen using Javascript (source code is here at the moment – it is minified but its not hard to figure out what is going on).


As per the schedule, the pac-man game was removed after about 48 hours.

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Supports Windows Linux

Those funny Chinese are at it again: An acquaintance got a new netbook device from a brandless Chinese manufacturer (the brand label on the device is “Excel”, which is anyone’s guess what its supposed to represent) and the device comes with a bright sticker on the base, in front of the keyboard, with the list of features this devices offers: CPU, memory and support for operating systems:

Yes, this device runs better with all kinds of logo MS-Windows operating systems: you can choose either XP, 7 or Linux 😉

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Teh Best Game Ever!

Part of the HomeRunner site, you can find this amazing retro game: Trogdor!

The sprite collision detection is not brilliant, but you can burninate villagers!

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פעם ידעו לבנות דברים

שימו לב לוידאו הבא:

הוידאו ביו-טיוב


Best dumb post. ever.

From a discussion about anti-virus for Android:

sorry, but your wrong. Linux can’t run executables. I am a Linux administrator.


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במסגרת סיכומי שנת 2009

מכיוון שכולם אוהבים סיכומי שנה, הנה עוד סיכום שנה – פרסי דרווין לשנת 2009 חולקו לאחרונה והמנצחים הם:

שני שודדי בנק, בעיר דינאנט בבלגיה, שניסו “למשוך סכום כסף גדול” מכספומט מתו כשכשלו להעריך נכון את כמות חומר הנפץ שהם זקוקים לפריצה (תרגום גוגל). הפיצוץ הרס את כל הבניין – שהיה ריק באותו זמן מלבד שני הפושעים (תרגום גוגל).
שודד אחר הובהל לבית החולים במצב קשה ומת זמן קצר לאחר מכן בעוד גופתו של השודד השני נמצאה 12 שעות לאחר מכן בתוך ההריסות.

“Sun’s JRE has a security flaw, so turn off Javascript” says the security expert

I’ve listened to “Security Now”, TWiT’s “security” oriented podcast, which is hosted by Steve Gibson who is apparently a big internet security guru – so says the website. If the title doesn’t make it very clear why I quoted “security” above, then here is the scoop from Security Now episode 222 (starting at 14:50):

The latest Java Runtime Edition, in the latest version, has multiple vulnerabilities and no updates available. It acknowledged multiple problems. There is enough disclosed for exploits to be created on the net. Unfortunately, the only workaround is the workaround we all know to well – which is to disable Javascript to prevent the Java Runtime Edition components from being exploited until Sun updates themselves.


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