Pictures from Ireland

I’ve started uploading the pictures from the Ireland trip Karen and me took on October (after I gave up on getting all the pictures arranged and labeled with Karen’s help). Look for them in the “October, 2008” album (you can access the gallery quickly using the big “Pictures” tab at the top).

Not everything has yet uploaded (less then half at this time) and what has went up may be out of order so take care when navigating through the photos. One reason to upload it now is that I’m going on reserves duty on Sunday and that is sure to generate a lot more new photographs – it seems that I only practice photography these days on two occasions: either when I’m abroad or in the army (which for some reason at least one of my coworkers keep confusing the two 🙂 ).

Updated: all the pictures were uploaded – a bit less then what I expected: after initial pruning we are at about 1400 pictures, and possibly there are still some redundant pictures that I need to remove. The pictures should be mostly in the correct order, except for the problem that we were using two cameras whose timestamps are a few hours off – so the Powershot pictures should always be after all of the Nikon pictures.

Just back from diving trip in Sinai

As the title specifies, I just got back from a diving trip in Sinai – which included 4 days of scuba diving from a boat, with Assi and several great people that we met on the trip (guys – lets keep in touch, you all have my email 😉 ).

Pictures from the trip are, as always, in my gallery – here is a direct link to the album. You can also see it in the “Latest Album” link in the sidebar below – its the one with the underwater motorcycle.1

And in meta-posting, I’ve just noticed that the “Random Picture” widget (at the top of the sidebar) most often prefers to show more recent pictures – I need to check why is that, but in the mean time you can probably see underwater pictures from the Sinai dives there 🙂 .


because my pictures from inside the Thislegorm could really would have been better, and so that you can see what you are missing by not diving in the Red Sea, here is a short video I stole from youTube with all kinds of stuff you can see on the most famous sunken ship in the Red Sea – the SS Thislegorm:

  1. Also – checkout the slideshow – if you have PicLens installed you can view it in 3D… []

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Or, in this case, Oded does..

We were walking around taking pictures – then Oded picks up his foot to take a step and leaves the *entire sole of his shoe* on the ground.. Arg!

So today is shopping and laundry.. A real post about what we’ve done and how things are going will *probably* be tonight when I am in the right headspace to post..

Hope everyone’s having loads of fun!


מילואים ברמת הגולן (מתוארך אחורנית)

זה פוסט מתוארך אחורנית – אני באמצע הטיול לאירלנד, אבל עד עכשיו בגלל העומס בעבודה וההכנות לטיול (או החוסר בהן) לא היה לי זמן לכתוב על המילואים שסיימתי ברמת הגולן, או להעלות תמונות.

לצערי, עדיין אין לי זמן להעלות תמונות (הטיול קצר וקצת לחוץ בזמנים), אבל אני אעלה אותן בקרוב ואז גם אכתוב עוד קצת על המילואים.

בינתיים, זה ישאר כמחזיק מקום.

עדכון – התמונות מהמילואים עלו (ברובן) לגלריה, פה. כרגע חסרות בעיקר התמונות שעידו צילם, שאותן בכל מקרה ניתן לראות בגלריה של הגדוד, כאן.


Been a while since I photo-blogged last, and this weekend I got some interesting pictures, and here they are in no particular order:


מילואים – אימון קיץ

חזרתי ממילואים ביום רביעי וכרגיל יש את אלבום התמונות בגלריה, אז גשו לראות – יש הרבה תמונות של חול 🙂

התקנתי למצלמה שלי את קיט המפתחים של קנון – CDHK, וצילמתי קצת תמונות RAW באימון. אחרי קצת עבודה עם UFRaw על המחשב, אפשר לסחוט עוד קצת איכות מהתמונות, למרות שבהשוואה ל-JPG שהמצלמה מייצרת אין הבדל מהותי (more…)

דברים מעניינים בסופרמרקט שלי

בסופר הקרוב למקום מגורי התחילו להביא ירקות מעניינים, אולי עוד יש סיכוי לשוק האוכל הישראלי – עוד לא ראיתי כרוב שחור, אבל אולי נוכל לקבל ירקות שכבר מופיעים בספרי הבישול שאפשר למצוא באותו סופר 🙂

הנה ההמצאות החדשות של מחלקת הירקות:

לא לחלוטין בלתי קשור לטלפונים סלולאריים

הנה כמה תמונות מהמצלמה הסלולארית – מה שאנחנו למדים שזה שאפילו מצלמות 3 מגה פיקסל של טלפונים הן לא תחליף למצלמה אמיתית (בעיקר בגלל שאין להן זום אופטי, אבל גם בגלל שהתמונות באיכות לא משהו למרות כמות הפיקסלים):

שק עם קקי:


Nokia E90 vs. Sony Ericsson P1i – Preface

Up till very recently my main phone was a Nokia 6600 – which was getting very long in the tooth (I think it was introduced more then 3 years ago. My specific device is about 2.5 years old). I love the PDA features, the full network experience (the internal Nokia browser was shit but with Opera For Mobile and Mini Opera you can actually use the web properly), and of course – the ability to run Putty to get SSH access to all my favorite servers :-). Anyways, I was in a market for a new smart phone, unfortunately the offering in the market right now are very poor, mostly as everything is in a state of transition now – The Windows Mobile platform is moving from the horrendous version 5 to the quite usable version 6, Linux is poised to launch as a major smart phone platform with OpenMoko, Google’s Android, Palm’s Treo devices are aging and we hope to see them soon replaced with the Access Linux Platform (what was once Palm Source), and Nokia… well Nokia are still doing their thing but you can also see that they are thinking about new stuff – if you look at the Nokia internet tablet devices (N810 is the latest) and some exciting demos Nokia had shown.

But still – I need a new phone now and all these exciting new devices will come out – maybe – in middle of 2008. So I have to choose from what I have in front of me, which is not much. Eventually I settled on the Sony Ericsson P1i, which is a very interesting smart phone from Sony Ericsson and is currently their main business offering. I hated many Sony Ericsson phones I’ve used in the past, but I saw some new UIQ3 devices and they seemed very nice so I decided to give it a chance. It also helped that compared to the alternative – a Windows Mobile 6 device – it was about half the price. Then my boss decided that I also need a new phone and went and bought me a Nokia E90 (well – it was a very lengthy and heated discussion and eventually we settled on the Nokia), which is currently the top Nokia business phone. And so the shoot out begins…


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